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Fueling Your Success: The Importance of Pre and Post-Performance Nutrition

Updated: Nov 21

Looking to up your game? Focus on the little things! As a sports dietitian, I often have athletes ask what they should be consuming before, during and after practice or competition.

Check out this sports nutrition guide below:

Performance Fueling: Meal 3-4 hours before practice/competition:

plate method

Snacks in between meals/>1 hr before training:

Focus on a protein base + carbohydrate + fat (if desired): ~2-3 different components total


  • Two string cheese, crackers and That's It bar

  • Greek yogurt, blueberries and granola

Snacks ~1 hour before training

Focus on carbohydrate + small amount of protein


  • Apple and peanut butter

  • Granola bar and string cheese

Snacks <1 hr before practice/competition

Focus on a fast-digesting carbohydrate


  • Applesauce

  • Dried fruit

During exercise >1 hr

Focus on fast-digesting carbohydrates


  • Bottle of Powerade

  • Two packs of fruit snacks

0-2 hours post training

Focus on a moderate amount of protein + higher carbohydrate (~1:4 protein to carbohydrate ratio) + fruits/vegetables + fluid

*Refer to the plate above!

If unable to consume a balanced meal, try these examples:

  • Corepower shake, banana, handful of dry cereal

  • Protein smoothie made with milk, greek yogurt, frozen fruit, frozen spinach

Note: Each athlete is going to have different energy and macronutrient needs. This is a general guide and would need to be tailored to meet each individual athlete's needs.

Questions or comments on performance fueling? Feel free to email me at

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