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Personalized Nutrition Consultations:
Ditch the Diets and Improve Your Performance with an Eating Disorder & Sports Dietitian

Jumpstart your journey towards a positive relationship with food and your body with a tailored nutrition plan designed just for you!


Minutes Initial Assessment

This session is focused on getting to know you! We'll dive deep into your medical history and clarify your nutrition goals to create a personalized action plan!



Progress Check-In & Goal Setting

Follow up on progress and set new nutrition milestones with me as your eating disorder and sports dietician. This is perfect for evaluating your progress and developing new, inspiring nutrition goals to help you move forward



Quick Progress Check-In & Goal Setting

Swift follow-up to discuss your progress and fine-tune your nutrition goals to help move towards “success” (saying “NO!” to diet culture once and for all!)



Walk-and-Talk Sessions (Twin Cities residents only)

Combine ditching diet culture with the great outdoors, guided by me as your eating disorder and sports dietitian.

*Twin Cities residents only*


Minutes Customized Nutrition Presentations

Elevate your understanding of eating disorders or sports nutrition with tailored presentations by your favorite eating disorder and sports dietitian. My in-depth knowledge spans various domains, including eating disorders, disordered eating, sports nutrition and Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport (RED-S). By participating in these engaging and informative sessions, you'll gain valuable insights and practical guidance to enhance your performance, health, and overall well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your nutrition knowledge and unlock your full potential, all while challenging diet culture!

Not ready to book yet? Schedule a free discovery call!

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