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Nutritional Cooking


“Kaitlyn completely reshaped my relationship with food. After dieting my entire life, building many unhealthy habits, measuring everything from food to inches, cutting out ‘bad food’ and living in a vicious cycle of binging and restricting, I was sick and tired of living this way. Kaitlyn helped me tackle my issues one by one, reshaped my thinking, got me to eat guilt-free and accept my body for what it is. It’s not an easy road and there were a lot of ups and downs when it came to trusting the process, especially when she asked me to bring my forbidden food home and encouraged me to eat it. Kaitlyn was super patient and when I finally let go, I saw my mind completely shift and my toxic diet behaviors disappear. Thanks to Kaitlyn I’m well on the road to being binge-free, relearning to eat intuitively and getting my body to trust me again.”

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